Privileges Enjoyed and Problems faced by Working Women

The most attractive privilege a working woman has is the economic and social alleviation that she enjoys. She doesn’t have to beg in front of her husband or parents who might be unwilling to spend money on her. Moreover, she gains experience with working and is able to furnish her career which is good for society and economy in general.

If we talk about the problems that she faces so that are also numerous problems. Firstly, when she goes to a workplace, she has to meet many people that include colleagues as well. Their behavior has a lot of impact on her emotions.

Workplace harassment is a very common problem faced by women and this society has taken unfair advantage of a women’s helplessness. Secondly, if she is the one supporting her family so there is a high probability that those dependents will lose motivation for job as they are enjoying perks of her job. This will create a burden on her and will make her tired physically and emotionally.

If she is married and has children whom she left at home or in a daycare so they will be deprived after mother’s choice of upbringing. In our society no matter a woman is working or she’s a house maker, in-laws and relative expect a lot from her. For example her house and surrounding should be neat and tidy but such things are not expected from men. Men can be appreciated by just their capability of earing but with women so much more is associated which makes her life difficult.

As a result, she becomes frustrated and bitter and these traits can be transferred to generations. In conclusion, working women needs to make herself very strong emotionally and should strive to be an example for the other girls who wish to become productive for society. Also society needs to change the suffocating norms for woman and should treat her like a human being.


Written by: Syeda Sidra

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