About Khawateen Rozgar Services

What & How we Perform?

“Khawateen Rozgar Services” (KRS) is exclusive and solely embryonic females occupational portal in Pakistan. It is run by the females for the females. It postulates distinctive section segments for women pertinent subjects i.e. Blogs, Development and guidance, proceedings information, triumph attainments. Additionally, it has an inimitable database section for chronicling violence reports against women. The Vision statement of KRS evidently marks to befitted as the Pakistan substantial empowering syndicate. Correspondingly, the portal ambition is to authorize women in every Discipline, every scope, and every sector of Pakistan. Currently, KRS in assisting to enumerate jobs for women in major metropolises akin to Peshawar, Karachi, Islamabad and Lahore. However, miniature cities are also on the record associated with job annexation. KRS also partakes in distinctive events to expediate and diversify its objectives representing women. it demonstrates all obtainable vacancies in an unpretentious way.

KRS specifies google-form based registration procedure for the job pursuers built on their proficiencies and prerequisites. It is requisite for Job pursuing claimants to register and provide the required information. The Organization will determine and evaluate the material taking available vacancies into consideration. KRS specifies the stipulation of preeminent identical Females to altered organizations. After stringent scrutiny, KRS further hooked on Organization assessment and i.e. job nature, Description, Aspirant knowledge, skills, and abilities matching. Only Successful applicants with merit are provided with jobs. This Podium also facilitates to instruct the applicant correspondingly.

Safety and security pledge

The KRS services have this competitive edge over others which mean that it does not negotiate on woman welfare and Protection. KRS indemnifies to provide a safe and salubrious working milieu for women. similarly, the objectives comprise Organizational internal environmental assessment. Purposely, KRS emphasizes on hazardous, Societal immoralities, management Strengths and weaknesses elements. The Women vulnerability assessment within an organization is an alternative element that KRS contemplates before appointing.

Data Safety is an extra essential aspect of KRS security assertion. Consequently, “Khawateen Rozgar Services” is a female-based establishment directed by females, for the females. Therefore, they safeguard the confidentiality of women’s information. Women are supplementarily vulnerable to cyber-attacks. People uttering that a woman comprehends a woman very well. Therefore, this organization is righteously run by competent, experienced and sophisticated females thus, they comprehend how to sustain the information protected.

How does KRS guarantee safety?

KRS ensures safety amidst the following steps.

  1. The KRS team pays a visit to the organization to assess the organizational internal environment i.e. administrative standards, ethics, integrities, CSR consideration. It is also comprised of the organizational gender doctrines for women.
  2. Evaluation of job environment is another step. Here KRS evaluates the nature of the job, the reliability, its corporeal effects on a woman.
  3. Rating the organization, KRS rates the organization grounded on its canons, policies, and on the inclusive organizational aptitude to downtrodden any insurgency cogitating women in the workplace.
  4. The most crucial step is the decision of employing a woman in an appropriate position. This job podium has proficient and guided administration which crafts a conclusion apropos vacancies allocations for a woman at optimum echelons.
  5. After assignment on positions KRS does not rely on “Task accomplishment”, they have a surprising monitoring policy just to investigate whether the allotment and organization attitude towards the woman is adequate or not. Their services report and record all kind of violative actions against women.

How to find the best matching Human resource?

Unearthing superlative match of Human Resource is an eternal task to every organization or job counselling agencies. KRS Services trumpet altered positions in a distinct corporation with a comprehensive description. Thus, it is unhurried for job pursuers to locate pertinent jobs. The KRS merely designate the best of the bests for interview. This portal appointment is based on eminence judgments. KRS allege the anticipation of preeminent-matching females’ human resource to the corporations and officialdoms in their fundamental objectives. This necessitates that KRS does not conciliate on the excellence of Human capital. Hence, KRS is the best-recommended job-portal for all females.

Written by: Shah Fahad

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