The success story of KRS & The Appreciation of the KP Government

Every organization has delineated and catalogued objectives. The organizations adhere to operate within certified delimited limitations. Correspondingly, the organization has certain protocols some rules and regulations. If any organization contemplate all these elements afore any decision making, merely then they can be befitted as a successful corporation. Organization requisite a comprehensive and well-defined pathway to follow. This can benefit and succour all the stakeholders who devise a collective goal and are socially arranged. In an absolute competitive world, every organization, every corporation, every entrepreneur, has to come up with something extraordinary and something inimitable. Similarly, the world demands something out of the box that can stipulate utility assistance, services satisfaction to its stakeholders. We have this an official successful story of Khawateen Rozgar Services commended by Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government.

In broad-spectrum, there are various success stories of Khawateen Rozgar Services, and the salutations and the acknowledgements are several in numbers. KRS is job pursuing podium for women, where women can rummage and pursue to appropriate job accordingly. Therefore, due to its competency, its proficiency and phenomenal record, KRS is becoming one of the most admirable most demandable, success illustrational study for the people and for the government as well. One girl has venerated the KRS role in security perspective. One has praised the successful completion of her internship and training in this organization. One girl has esteemed the astonishments and inimitability of this prodigious initiative. Concisely, there are many commendable stories of KRS but the vital appreciation is the below.

Complimentary annotations of present Provincial government (PTI)

The Provincial government has admired the role of Misbah Faiz (Founder of KRS) as an entrepreneur. Misbah Faiz is a girl who commenced this inimitable initiative alongside her three associates. The KP government has cherished the determination of these founders exclusively Misbah Faiz who has taken special training from Durshal innovation centre under Khyber Pakhtunkhwa IT board. What astounding is that It took KRS only 6 months to assemble and accumulate data of around 9000+ unemployed females across the country. The report on KRS not only appreciate the employment of females but also the organization contributions to empower women in Pakistan. The going concern challenge due to restrained resources is undeniably a gigantic challenge for KRS. However, the current KP government is willing to stipulate all sort of assistance to this eminent initiative. Zahid Nawaz a Project Director of Durshal program has shown full provision to this phenomenal project. The KRS has more than 300 success stories in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. However, the KRS is pondering to expand its amenities across the country. According to Misbah Faiz, the subsequent focus is on Karachi. She further said that KRS has multiple clients on board in different cities.

PTI stated officially, “Under Durshal banner, Khawateen aimed at promoting women in the job market has received a brilliant response from women, thousands of women have registered themselves with Startup. KP Government aims at promoting Women Entrepreneurship!”.

The Special assistance to KPCM on information and technology Kamran Bangash has a complimentary tweet regarding the success of KRS. He said that he is proud to have KRS as Pakistan first female job portal. Further, he said that this can help thousands of women for initiating new startups and also abetting the KP women empowering projects of promoting female entrepreneurship.

The above appreciation is not just appreciation, it is the performance-based feedback. The commitment, the efforts, the struggle to empower and adjust women in this male dominant system is something amazing. This is a unique idea to provide extraordinary opportunities and basic training to women. KRS founder believes that women have various societal challenges to confront. she added, that this platform can help women to find a job in a safe and secure environment.

Written by: Shah Fahad


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