“Why job portals of all kinds other than KRS can be insecure for females?”

Due to the intensification in Population, the contemporary market has numerous job portals. There are manifold portals founded on assessment, methodological hiring, Management, distinct company-based portals. Public encounter unusual hitches in different portals. Various job advocating portals fundamental intentions are to raise benevolence with or without profit in spite of any social, corporative, obligations. However, this crafts the application exceedingly gruelling to succumb due to its intricate, anecdotal, description. Correspondingly, there are several portals devoid of any explicit gender-based security system. Females are additionally vulnerable to cyber-crimes ensuing in violence, Harassments, anticipated to the apprehensive podium of portals. Nonetheless, there is an exceptional exemption, this contemporary Job portal is the absolute illustration of a secure female job portal entitled as “Khawateen Rozgar Services” on the following considerations.

Excessive Din & little Output

Roughly every job portal similar to LinkedIn, nokri.com, works on the crucial matching system. The concern is that a single click can unleash many irrelevant applications. Now, for a woman, it is arduous to shamble and conform to the desired job plinth. This leads to perplexities occasioning in gratuitously information seepage. Females find it categorically apprehensive to stipulate discrete information. However, KRS is substantially more secure in this perspective. It is unblemished female-based job portal. KRS only emphases on job portrayal and applicants Knowledge, skills and abilities. It does not necessitate irrelevant information.

Adjournment response

Due to a substantial amount of traffic, sometimes instigate an adjournment in applicants’ response. Now, for females, if the application persists prolong than anticipated, there are copious probabilities of information seepage due to cyber bouts, malware, spyware. Hence, instant response is mandatory for female’s job pursuers to preserve their conviction.  Conversely, KRS response system is reasonably faster and more protected. Hence, it is a female job portal, consequently, they comprehend the significance of female’s information. KRS has demonstrated its reliability in their success stories.

Obscurity & solitude

Many job portals have this obscurity and confidential issues. For a job seeker, the adequate element is the assertion of data privacy. Envisage, if a man feels anxious about his privacy than why not a woman? She is relatively susceptible in this epoch. Many job portals do not ensure the privacy and protection strategy for women. Nevertheless, I articulate the KRS is additional unassertive job persuading doorway for females than other assortments. They are assertively entitled to the security and safety of every recruiter. KRS has this exclusive way of visiting job apropos organizations, they evaluate the environment, assess the standards, they monitor and audit the organization astoundingly. I believe, these are the important aspects that are significant for a woman before any acquisition.

The pertinent & eminence of job

There can be countless job acquisition, relocation and redeployment on these job portals. For a job seeker, it is enormously gruelling to identify the relevant job in topmost organizations. Therefore, there is an enormous probability of attainment of an irrelevant and low-quality occupation. Furthermore, contemplate this issue from a female perspective. For a woman, even it is further precarious to have low eminence and inappropriate job comprises of i.e. workplace harassment, physical abuse, character assassination stigmas, humiliations and many more detrimental effects. But, “Khawateen Rozgar Services” decision is meticulously based on a suitable environment, matching of job description and specifications, and Organizational ethics.

Author Assessment

Hence, pondering on the above aspects and verities, I attain my findings that “Khawateen Rozgar Services” is comparatively more secure, more reliable, more satisfactory job portal for all the female’s job seekers. KRS does not compromise on women security to enhance their organizational success. The adorable thing is that KRS founder is a visionary farfetched and refined person, most of its workforce are females therefore, they are utterly acquainted of female’s concerns and their consequence in the industrial sector. So, I suppose, KRS has this competitive edge over the rest of job portals. KRS vision statement is chastely centered on women empowerment. It accentuates women to get assistance from this platform with guaranteed safety and security.

Written By: Shah Fahad

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