Khawateen Rozgar Services Participation in SCWomenIntech- Graduation Ceremony

The Expedition of “Emerging Pakistan” induces numerous opportunities for Women. Now, there are countless market prospects for women to decide and initiate. Numerous women are inducting their own businesses to enrich women participation in economic growth. This means a plethora of young females’ entrepreneurs is stepping into the market. However, there are still many challenges and questions for women to commence and organize any plan, to regulate the ongoing enterprises or to vanguard any organizations. Women struggled and brawled in past; women struggle and refrains in present-day. Nevertheless, in future, sustainable improvement for a woman inclusion in market thrust all the functional masses to exercise a plethora of efforts. Many organizations are exercising different projects for females.

In Pakistan, Standard chartered bank initiated a promotional agenda for women in the market called “Women for Tech”. An event was organized to enhance and accelerate women role in the market with the help of analogous platforms. Several business founders participated in the event. For instance, Zartaj Waseem a CEO of PPSEC “Mission to Mars”, TRASHIT- Sustainable Tomorrow, Noor Us Saba – CEO / Founder of “PLATE” and more importantly Misbah Faiz founder of “Khawateen Rozgar Services”.  The purpose of this initiative is to assist and finance all the women entrepreneurs across the country. This program sponsor and support all those women who want to assimilate technology in sprouting businesses but paucities mandatory support. According to the CEO of Standard chartered bank for Africa and Middle East Sunil Khushal the fundamental Aim is minimizing the disparity between Men and Women.


The Graduation of Khawateen Rozgar Services from WomenIntech

On 2nd Aug 2019, Khawateen Rozgar Services appeared and progressed from “WomenIntech” Program. The KRS services were nominated amidst the topmost twenty ventures across Pakistan. The podium of Standard Chartered Women in Tech and Innoventures cherished the participation of Khawateen Rozgar Services and acknowledged the exertions. This participation was considered crucial for the uplifting and empowering of women in the economic sector.

KRS is undeniably a unique E-portal for job pursuers. The WomenIntech described KRS as a private limited company that works for uplifting the stature of women and provides job opportunities. Furthermore, it also empowers women to consolidate and fortify the bond between women and the Market.

The nomination of KRS was based on certain credentials. These credentials harmonized the eligibility standards of SCWomenIntech.

  1. KRS is a women-led ingenuity. Which means that KRS is for females, by females.
  2. The founders of KRS are a women-led cluster. Misbah Faiz the founder, and her co-founder, Moneeba Anwar.
  3. The time period of KRS has spanned for more than a year.
  4. The Khawateen Rozgar services are utilizing technology in collaboration with KPIT board, and Durshal Innovation centre.
  5. The KRS has contributed significantly, it has generated more than 1.26 million PKR for women in Kpk. 8000+ unemployed women data, 300+ employment success stories.
  6. The determination is cherished and applauded by Kpk provincial government.
  7. KRS has an effective plan of extending the organization influence to many major cities in Pakistan also, the KRS has multiple clients onboard.
  8. The nature KRS business stipulates substantial differences by the involvement and investment of Standard Chartered initiatives.

Below given link is the way to know about the event.



Compliances of this Participation

The participation of KRS in WomenIntech will benefit the business to enhance its capabilities and proficiencies. This means that both can promote each other in capacity building and project development elements. For instance, Planning and budgeting, project designing, communicating and coordinating, offline mentoring and project support. Correspondingly, the organization can now coordinate with SC associated platforms to accomplish distinctive goals. Further, this participation will open ingresses to coordinate with other entrepreneur businesses for effective policies. Likewise, this nomination has acknowledged the determination and commitment of Khawateen Rozgar Services towards organizational goals. Hence, Khawateen Rozgar Services is progressed one step more towards organizational mission and vision.

Written by: Shah Fahad

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