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Khawateen Rozgar Services is on YouTube

Khawateen Rozgar Services on youtube

We all recognize Khawateen Rozgar services as a job pursuing platform for females, where females across the country can rummage and probe for a suitable job. Similarly, each and every step of Khawateen is for women recognition as one of the significant fragments of the country’s economic and social development. Therefore, the team of Khawateen has decided to postulate assistance to women in every conceivable way. Hence, they came up with an inimitable gist. The Khawateen always flabbergast us with their unique loom. Therefore, KRS adopts to adhere youtube for the female provision by sharing their stories. Hence, this idea is not an absolute peerless but the purpose behind this impression is admirable. An overabundance people use youtube to captivate and learn and get impetus from distinct motivational speakers and emblems.

What Khawateen do on youtube?

Khawateen Rozgar services joined youtube on 16th March 2019, with commendable progress of thousands of views in a short span of time. The new youtube channel of Khawateen Rozgar services is all about assisting females to demonstrate their existence. The channel also has a preliminary animated video about the Organization.

This video will benefit the people to understand why the KRS is conducting video-based interviews from stout and stalwart females. For instance, the KRS had a recent talk with Wafa Wazir the founder of “Zamung Jawandun” one of emerging Non-governmental organization in KP. This is just one example! You will find the rest on their respective channel.

Many People will have doubts in their mind about why Khawateen has started this channel? Apparently, it is proven from the writings and from different incidents that most of the women related concerns in society are indistinguishable. Now, this channel will help and evident how these successions have become sensations by listening to them. Additionally, the splendour of Khawateen interviewing channel is that it provides a more pleasant conversational environment. Therefore, the interviewee feels relax in this friendly environment and can bluntly share this lifespan. However, the people can find the youtube channel from the link given below.

Channel link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5c-yAlzY9DbCMhT3XwVcRA

  • The KRS search for strong females across Pakistan.
  • The female’s accomplishments are obligatory to stimulate the feeling of motivation, and passion other women.
  • The team of KRS first evaluates these ambiences whether the story is worthy enough to conduct an interview.
  • After the evaluation, the KRS interview these strong females and they publish their stories on their youtube channel.
  • The nature of interviewing is open-ended and responsive, so females can disclose every aspect of their lives.

Sourcing YouTube for erudition is certainly consecration. For several people, youtube is an outstanding teacher. Therefore, this idea of Khawateen Rozgar services will certainly comfort entire women folk to acquire provocation and liberate agitation from these resilient females. Likewise, women can learn atypical confronting artifices from them for eradicating different societal and economic obstacles from their lives.

Also, Visuals and proud expressions of these sensations make the audience pluck and valour. Correspondingly, women can learn distinctive ideas from these stimulations and they can contribute to women empowering cause.

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Written by: Shah Fahad

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