Log kya Kahengay? The Dream Killer

In the Midst of a dark night, In an Isolated house at the end of the street, in a dark room, inside a dark closet , a daughter of eve crying and the light of Adam, whimpering, cursing at how weak she is, regretting the choices she never made but forced upon her by the masters that were never supposed to enslave her and the biased norms she never knew would come down on her like a thousand arrows but one of the arrows that speared her heart and ached the most was “Log Kya Kahengay?”
The extract below depicts the stereotypical approach to a plethora of Anxiety and depression disorders that many women of this nation are going through but rather are put into neglect.

Aapke beti tho bohat khamosh hai Ajkal , haye Allah Jinn tho sar par nai charay?” “Your Daughter remains really quite and isolated nowadays, is she possessed by demons?” said by the aunt, the woman she is now, the girl she used to be. Who was impaled by the same arrow and went through same chronic anxiety and depression but was taken to a faqeer , because clearly the symptoms showed that she was possessed by the “jins/demon” and not affected by some moronic disorder. But they never knew that in her isolation she had faith because nothing ever escaped from it all her love and all her hate were manifested and destroyed in that very isolation .
The light which prevailed on her is fading away, with every tear that trickles down her cheek has a story of its own, the passionate affection she used to hold for the surroundings is growing old despite of her young physical state and with the growing age of its long fight with surrounding ambiguities, she just started to have cracks in her soul.

Medical Science says if we sit too long in darkness, our pupils dilate which then can grasp more light and helps us see better but we have been living in darkness for ages, why can’t we see the light? The role of woman is not yet clearly defined in our society, and while “log kya kahengay” remains the constant phrase when a woman tries to give definition to her role in society.
We have to put an end to this mentality that has been embedded into our culture. A woman is the foundation of a well established society and like many base foundations when it starts to have cracks ,it Collapses taking down many lives.
Sexual harassment , societal pressure, forced marriages, workplace harassment are all the prevalent issues that the women of this nation are facing. Nevertheless it should not be the sole responsibility of women to empower other women. Men should not hesitate from supporting the cause. Empower her Empower the nation.

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