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Will she ever get a break?  A guide to maintaining work life balance

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Are you stuck in the endless drama of you don’t have “IT” in you? You can’t manage all this at once? or are you stuck in the loop of “LOG KYA Kahengay” 

Well Listen up woman, you have “IT” in you.

Look at the picture below:

woman at mount view


What do you see? Loneliness or ambition? Tell us in the comments. Now let’s get back to where we were.

A woman trying maintaining the work- life balance and hailing from a desi background in Pakistan is as hard as anything. From taking care of the household and children to fulfilling the responsibilities put on your head unto you by your elders. Seriously give her a break.

The desire to become an independent woman and to manage the professional and personal life remains a dream for many women. Nevertheless you will find yourself in a situation where the ultimatum put in front of you to either to choose the work life or personal life boggles your mind and leaves you on the verge of total chaotic wreck. Break the bad.

However there are pretty straight forward solutions that may not be magical if you’re in your mid life crises but serves the purpose in truly a miracle way for a longer run. However you should give it some thought.

Get your priorities straight:

To become the master of balancing the professional and personal life is to understand the thin line that separates it i.e. “Priorities”. Therefore, in the wake of troubles but with your priorities on the point, you always have some room to breathe.

List down the most important particulars of your life. Of course you must include your family, friends and social life in it, but with the order determining the aspects that comes first and serves the very purpose of staying balanced. Rank your priorities and incorporate the top priorities in your daily and weekly schedules.


Give yourself some break:

girl wearing red pants and checkered shirt

A secret ingredient to maintain the work life balance is to make out a little time for your own leisure. You can hang out with friends, read a book, watch television or just sit home and be a couch potato. It’s sometimes okay to procrastinate and give a little rest to your mind and soul. If you are not able to take care of yourself then certainly you will not be able to take care of your work and family. Loose yourself in the fun and break the habit of working long hours but always remember your responsibilities too.

Sharing is caring:


Shift a little of your work load to an acquaintance, co workers, spouse, friends or family. There is absolutely no reason to be ashamed of admitting that you just can’t manage everything on your own. A helping hand may not be a solution to every problem but surely can lift a chunk of stress off of you.  The household chores are not your sole responsibilities so don’t act like you own it. Divide the tasks in a way that doesn’t overburden others but your work life and personal life should not be affected by it too. Here is a tip don’t break your back bone.

Break yourself free from distractions:

The barriers between your goals and struggle are distractions. By cutting off the things or habits that distracts you, you would be amazed to know how much is it compromising your productivity and sucking your energy and wasting your time. Minimize the distractions in your work life to give more time to you personal life. Yes, that’s the equation, save time in the office and add it to your leisure time and gives your work a break. If you understand this, congratulations you have achieved the ultimate nirvana of balance between work and professional life.


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