Female Athlete wearing pink shoes

The Sorrowful Fate Of Female Athletes

Female Athlete wearing pink shoes


The sports industry has been long dominated by men. The cliché justification of women being undermined and underrepresented in the sports industry is that women are not really into sports anyway.

Sports industry can be labeled as one of the most competitive industry of all time and with women facing discrimination at every stage.

In this article we will highlight some of the problems that the women athlete face in the sports industry.

They are always asked when they will start a family

Women in the sports industry are always asked when will they marry or start a family.However the truth is that the world still believes that no matter how many medals a women athletes wins. She must have a partner and a family in order to be settled in life, because log kya Kahengay. 

Male athletes are never asked such questions rather their questions are more focused towards their career in sports.

Women Athletes Are Paid Less


There is wage gap between men and women in sports industry with female athletes being significantly paid lesser than male athletes. As according to the Forbes magazine, the prize money of any women tournament is lower than any men tournament of the same sport. The incentives and recognition is much lesser of the female sports industry with no real policy being made to counter such blatant discrimination.

They are objectified on the field

Women athletes rather being called talented or champion.They are objectified on the field with remarks as sexy or hot. It is a very depressing fact of the women world of sports as they are always under appreciated and not recognized globally as men. Women on field are at a constant threat of facing harassment from other male athletes or their trainers and coaches.

They Don’t have Job Security


Women athletes don’t have the job security they deserve as with their prime time gone,they are left on the edge of nothingness. They have no clue as how will they support themselves or their family. As research say most of  the retired female athletes either become homeless or work ordinary jobs to make their end meet.

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