Pains that you have to endure in order to be successful

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Another day has passed and yet in a blur of past. Opportunities doesn’t arrive when you are dazed because of some unfortunate experience in your life. Opportunities strike you when you become optimistic about the result of your struggle. When life gives you lemon better make a lemonade and drink it because you need a lot of energy to get out of that bed, to drive to your school, college and job, to survive, to grow , to let go of the negativity and to bring a change in your life and the lives around you.

Online Valium Prescriptions Pain of remorse is more hurtful than pain of discipline


It’s not going to be easy. If it was that easy to get, everyone would have achieved it. The right time doesn’t arrive ringing a bell. You have to manipulate your thinking to shape your mind to be patient in bad times and make it right. Good Opportunities , Luck , right moment ,they are all myths , Yes myths!. You have to do it yourself not just wait for it but actually change your perspective about how shall one should be lucky enough to get a good opportunity.

Always remember hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard


Problems are like high school bullies. They will annoy you no matter how much you cry or whine about it but one should not leave it the way it is and accept the pain but rather actually build up a tendency to deal with the problems by being strong mentally not necessarily physically because just like any other high school bully, it will try break your spirit rather than breaking bones. Get Back Up, clench your fists so tight that if any harder’ it’s going to start bleeding and punch every of your problems right in the face , no matter what the consequences are going to be but all that matters is that if you have played your part or not. Go check out our blog on maintaining work and life balance.

Nature has a really satirical way of hitting you with karma


The amount of struggle one has to do in their life remains almost the same. It doesn’t matter if they do it earlier or later, how? Let’s go down on a really crude example of a student’s life. If a student wastes their time and doesn’t study the whole year. It is inevitable that they are going fail or pass by a really thin margin. The amount of struggle they have to do again to pass or to get their desired grades is going to be the same only if they had done and realized it earlier but the difference now is that the struggle is coupled with the pain of regret and remorse.

The impatient, mocking and the idle fool doesn’t realize that they shall have to pay the prize sooner or later.  

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