gender equality

How gender equality of past is different from the future?

Why is this important? Is this an impactful thing we should focus on? Absolutely Yes.


The lack of equality between men and women can damage the prosperity and development of the nation. However ,providing women with equal opportunities makes them utilize their talents more efficiently in the workplace and decide better for themselves and their family’s future and in a broader picture leaves a good impact on the community.

Most of the families in Pakistan assume that their daughter’s earning potential is significantly lesser than their son’s. Hence they undermine the education of their daughters as most of the families in Pakistan can’t afford to send all of their children to school, college or university. Therefore the daughters receive lesser education, which in turn cuts their chances of getting a good job or are not skilled enough to start their business and even if they do, they are paid less than man.

The political and legal protection allows empowerment of women on larger scale which helps them to have their voice heard on a more influential and larger platform affecting their communities.

Gender equality is of great value:


Gender equality is proven to be beneficial to many businesses as they attract both men and women to their workforce. Organizations with greater gender diversity outperform. Here are a couple of reasons why.

Better quality of work output:

The more diverse a workforce is, more better output is produced. Homogeneous workforce is often left behind in critical thinking and coming out with solutions to complex problems..

Economic development:

Why would any nation in the world neglect half its talent? If we want significant wealth and economic development, we should be more focusing to fill every position with the brightest and best. Many women are forced to leave their jobs to take care of their infant children, so we should start the practice of maternity leave as to not loose female employees from the workforce. Women are found to be more career oriented than men as they want their quality of life to be improved so for that a person can work with great dedication and determination, which results in better quality output to the organization.

Job turnover is reduced:


Gender equality is crucial as if the organization is not treating its female employees the right way and as equal to men in many prospects, they are bound to face employees turn over and have to face majorly increased expenses as a result of hiring and recruitment of new employees.

In general the equality doesn’t necessarily mean to undermine the right of men and to favor the right of women but to give an equal share of opportunities to both the sexes and create an environment of harmony in the workplace as well the society.



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