How to spot a biased organization?

The Discrimination inside an office

A space inhabited by men can have one alpha male but when women reside in the space as well; prejudice befalls which can contradict the facts and believes of the system. Mockery of a gender is an epitome of failure of an organization or the community.

Gender discrimination is at its highest in many organizations and offices and a notion has been embedded in the minds of many women about every workplace being biased to their ideas and believe which may not be the case everywhere but there seem to still linger some bias that has affected many young girls and their career. In this article we will address the abstract unjust in the offices.

Higher positions in offices have higher percentage of males than females

The involvement of women is under represented in many higher authoritative positions. Out of 193 Countries in UN only a mere 11 had a woman serving as head of the state and 12 had a woman as head of government (UN women, 2017).

No one to look up to?

Women being underrepresented in senior authoritative position raises difficulties and may prove problematic in a longer run as it is the indication to the lower level workforce consisting of women that to aspire for a higher level of authoritative position is not attainable,which in turn will causes to instill a factor of demotivation and lack of enthusiasm to work hard which can prove risky to an organization.

Loss of massive talent

The organizations loose the talents that they could have been utilized in a blossoming way. The perception of employees on lack of women at senior level management triggers a thought of an organization following the conventions of stone age and discriminating the hiring and retaining procedures which can compromises the credibility of an organization. The female sports industry is also on verge of breaking apart because of these general biasness.

Difference in wages of men and women workers in Pakistan

The labor force of Pakistan has been surveyed twice from 2013 -2015 it shows a gender wage gap of 26 percent across Pakistan’s workforce.

The garment sector of Pakistan is the largest manufacturing industry and the one of the primary employer of females, the wage gap rises up to 33 percent. Such a huge gap is partly because of the cultural and social barriers and the prevalent stereotypes that values men as the sole bread earner of the family.

The urban centers in large cities may be breaking this stereotype but there are still persisting hurdles for women to be hired in any reputed industry or any reliable workforce that pays well.

No Incentives

Lack of maternity leave , safe, affordable and accessible transport facilities , incentives packages are all of the reasons which puts a sheer burden on women to continue their job. However many women have to compromise on minimal wages to make their ends meet.

The prevalent issues of gender discrimination in the offices have to addressed and serious actions must be taken to oust the discrimination from the workplace at any cost.





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