The 10 years challenge for every women when they hit their 20’s.

As a girl leaves the teenage carriage and enters into the rusty 20’s carriage, she has to accept the 10 years challenge to get married. It is that short span between the age of 20 and the age of 30 that she has to decide to tie the wedlock.

 What forces women to get married before thirty?

It is a dream for most of the girls growing up to see themselves in the wedding dress. Most of the women grow up living this dream until they realize that the dream is far more different than the reality as it eventually turns sour because of the societal pressure involved which force them into the marriage trap and give up their other dreams that involved their education and career.

The cliché norms

The society has laid down certain norms and put up such standards for women that if they deviate from these traditions, they are considered to be outcast or influenced by the bad side of the society. As without these norms being knotted to a woman, she is considered to be incomplete and not suitable for any marriage proposals. Society has established a very tiny time frame for all of these things to be check listed ranging from education to choosing a suitable life partner and all of this before the age of thirty.

Here are some of the societal pressures women who are 30 are faced with:

1) You must have completed your studies and have a decent job.

2)  You have to give up your career to sit at home and take care of the household chores and children

3) If not married, you must be committed and engaged.

4) You should have figured all the attributes of being the greatest parent.

5) You should have achieved all of your biggest dreams because once you’re married and have a family of your own; you can’t have these dreams to turn it into reality.

The pressure of having it all together before the age of thirty is faced by almost every women.

As the society expects you to get married eventually and to do so that must happen before the age of thirty. The marriage trap lures the women by making them belief that they lose the chances of finding a good enough life partner if they don’t plan to settle down before thirty. It often leads to settling for less and results in horrible marriages.

Whilst it’s true that the doctors recommend that women should have children at an earlier stage of their life but that should not force them, and put them under pressure to have a family.

The Social Media complex

Social media has also increased the pressure and expectations of women by having pictures of happy families and portray the perfect families. It can make anyone feel a bit overwhelmed.

Some women may not be married and others might be married – while others don’t want to be married.  The structure set before us all is flawed because our paths are not the same.

Marriage opens a new chapter in a person’s life and brings a lot of responsibilities too. People should get married when they feel that they are ready take such a huge step by taking the risks and burdens involved. It should not be due to societal pressure or the growing age of a person.


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