Why more women are unemployed than men?

Women and unemployment

Women experience more domestic abuse when they are unemployed or are at a higher risk of losing job. The enhancement in measures taken to increase job security of a woman can be an important factor in reducing domestic violence.

Bribery, tribalism, nepotism and back door appointments are all the obstacles and barriers faced by women in getting a suitable job that suits their skills and qualifications along with lack of political support, good educational system and proper career counseling and guidance, population growth, terrorism and competition.

Husband’s education

Education of husband is one of the most crucial elements in determining the employment status of many qualified women. Research suggests that if husbands are uneducated, the employment rate of women is significantly reduced.

Parent’s education

Educated fathers and mothers also play an important role in determining the success of women as they are well aware of the role of being employed in the society and professional life and its positive effect on the household and on their children as well.

Children and joint family

The number of children may affect the employment rate negatively as a mother may be too much occupied in taking care of her children to such an extent that she may give up the job as there is a conventional concept of women being sole responsible of the grooming and taking care of the children. This overburdens a women and she loses focus to continue with the same passion and may not be able continue doing her job.

The joint family system prevents educated women from doing job, as due to traditional customs women should take care of the household while men are responsible for the financial matters. This reluctance leads to significant increase in unemployment rate as most the families have joint family system

What can be done?

It is suggested on the basis of econometric results that awareness programs should be launched in such type of bordered areas of Pakistan for enhancing employment among educated women. Employment opportunities should also be created by policy makers in order to raise employment among educated women.

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