The issue of street harassment is on the rise

The prevailing issue of harassment in streets is on the rise

We have interviewed many women that face harassments in their locality by stranger men as they go to their college, work or to even stroll in a park. As one of the victim told us “As I go out of my home there is not a day I don’t become the prey to the monstrosity of these evil predators that feed on our livelihood. Once a man made abusive comments and obscene gestures at me. I was really frustrated and challenged the man. The man was such a coward as I walked to confront him. He ran away and I never saw him again.” She also added that physical assaults and verbal abuse in the streets is a very common problem faced by women of this generation. We should take a stand against such enormity.

It does not matter what type of a dress you wear, no matter what type of makeup you put on or how you walk and act

These wicked men will always find a way to abuse you and terrorize you. Such experiences have left many women traumatized to such an extent that many of them have given up on their public and social life. Street Harassments can come in a plethora of type. Below are many cases and observation of street harassment.

Some girls while waiting on a bus stop get catcalled by the passing bike riders or passengers of local transport. However when they are aboard the bus, they have to bear the strange comments of the passengers or even the bus conductors.

We interviewed an another victim of street harassment, she said: “Once when I was walking back to home from college. There was a group of boys that that followed me all the way and laughed behind my back. I was so scared that I could not even look back. I walked stiffly and as I reached home tired from the school, I burst into tears and moved on as if nothing happened. This experience still haunts me to this age”

Such acts of dishonor are the epitome of the failure of a community and a nation

As if we fail at teaching our sons and brothers to respect women then we have failed at the most crucial element of our life which is mutual respect. Take any example of any successful nation. You will find one thing in common as they consider their women in a very holy and high regard.

The prevention of street harassment can rather be through educating teenage boys at home and schools. However the main emphasis of the law is placed on criminalization rather than education to prevent these sinister and horrendous acts to take place. Street harassments harm the population mentally and create an environment of filth. The cultural law to be established against street harassment is still a big step forward and a vision of the future. As if the cultural and social laws are implemented against such acts. We are only one step behind establishing an educated and aware community.


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