What Type Of A Bully Are You?

There are different types of bullies around us

The most prominent one being the mean boy on play ground that try to dominate everyone in the field, but nowadays female bullying is just as worst as bullying with males. Female bullies can be sometimes the most mean and ruthless type of bullies on the field or off the field.

The cases of bullying are on the peak rise. However it has been proven right that female bullying is just as worse and common as bullying with boys. The boys being the most prominent type of bullies are a misconception that has been embedded into our mind. Girl’s bullies are as atrocious as male bullies even worse when it comes to verbal and cyber bullying.

The verbal and cyber bullying includes verbal abuse and rumors that are spread in order to attack their other peers by torturing them emotionally. Many cases of suicides have been reported due to the verbal bullying between girls. They can be more devastating than attacking a person physically. Verbal bullying scars a person for their entire life.

Four out of ten girls are the target of constant bullying. The reasons for it can be many but the main concern is that the victims are at greater risk of developing mental disorders at very early age often leading them to take their own lives and have higher risk of drug abuse and carrying out violence in later life.

Physical bullying

The physical bullying are on the rise and many cases have been reported of girls ganging up physically on one another and attacking each other. This sort of behavior has been observed for years now and is likely to happen in coming years. The female bullying is becoming more and more common and the cases have been greatly increased.

Cyber bullying and verbal bullying

Cyber and verbal bullying is more associated to females bullying as they are affected and targeted most. It is most common type of bullying that almost everyone at some point of their lives has observed more or lesser. It is worse than physical bullying as it can cause the person to deteriorate emotionally and feel humiliated. It can be devastation to those who are the constant targets of such atrocity and enormity.

Some of the best ways to prevent bullying of any kind is to help build your child’s self-esteem. Children and teens with higher self-esteem and more friends are less likely to become the victims of bullying. Unfortunately there are still many cases of bullycide among teens and children. Bullcide occurs when teens or children commit suicide as a result of bullying attacks. It is up to parents, teachers and other authority figures to put a stop to bullying before it begins, so these unfortunate and tragic cases no longer occur.

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