How girls of today are buried underneath the curse of Dowry

The Curse of Dowry

The tradition of dowry is as old as a man entered civilization. The system of dowry is a social evil of a kind. It is practiced in all parts of Asia with being more prevalent in India and Pakistan. In Pakistan many traditional practices have been given up but the system of dowry still persists even till this age. It has flourished over the years and is used to strike a perfect match and is an essential component of the marriage ceremonial. The system of dowry has been proven troublesome and an economic burden to the society.

The dowry custom is a widespread practice

Even before the marriage date is decided, the date to decide the amount of dowry to be received or given is decided by the two parties mutually consulting each other. The content and items of dowry have been significantly changed to meet the requirement of current age necessaries. The groom’s parents lay down demands in front of the girl’s family without any hesitation. However a marriage without dowry is almost unthinkable as the custom has been deeply embedded into the roots of our culture. Nevertheless it has become a burden and is a threat to prosperity of a society.

Dowry and suicides ?

depressed women

There is hardly any month when the newspaper doesn’t have the news regarding dowry related death. The ill treatment of those brides who bring lesser than expected amount of dowry by in laws is as common as anything you would find in the society. Some of the brides cannot bear the constant humiliation and commit suicide.

Several organizations that are already working for the empowerment of women and uplifting the social status of women have decided to put a check on this evil, Even the awareness regarding the evil of dowry has been spread to reach the ears of the young generation that have taken oath to not follow this evil tradition and custom.

The tradition to be fully buried and stopped is many years ahead of today

Although many laws have been passed in order to counter this custom and to bring it to a minimal practice yet it is sp deep rooted in the society that new practices of secret deals have been started. Total eradication of dowry can only be possible when the mentality of the people changes. The young generation should not come under the societal and parental pressure and the education institutes should create more awareness regarding this evil practice and how to completely eradicate it from the society.

The system has weakened our nation

It should be instilled in the mind of young generation that to take and to give dowry is a crime and a sin. The evil is curbed and eliminated only when the people are awoken socially. For this to happen, the judicial system should take strict action and pass more severe laws concerning the punishment of such crimes. Sometimes fear has a more positive result than preaching with affection.


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