Parents of a girl child are in imminent need of counseling sessions and here is why?

Right counseling matters

Career counseling is an essential program which is understood to consist of sub programs and services which are specially designed to enhance and facilitate development of an individual’s ability to make right choices for their own selves and to improve the occupational and social structure.

In Pakistan instead of focusing on career counseling of the students more focus should be given to having counseling sessions with their parents and communicate to them that it’s not a need or want but a basic human right of their girl child to receive proper education even though if the society has put a burden on their shoulders.

The professionals which are responsible for career counseling are required to have set of skills and knowledge to apply in career counseling of women and girls. Its affect relating to human development should be studied precisely to come up with a remarkable solution for queries and problems relating to choosing the right field.

Stuck in a loop hole

The complexity of women’s carrier development is far more twisted than that of men’s due to a number of factors which includes early gender role orientation, early marriages, household responsibilities and cultural and societal pressure. This can restrict and make career choices complicated for women and holds them back from advancements.

There is merely any society providing girls with right career counseling to enable them to make a right career choice. They often if not always choose mainstream career paths and are not encouraged to have a challenging career field. Which has resulted in men dominating these fields and the absence of women becomes absolute in these fields, which in turn cause the perception of certain career choices not suitable for women.

A bright future


However women should be encouraged to secure their future by choosing a career path which will make them capable of sustaining a good future by getting into an immediate job and not go through any hardship of making ends meet.

With the help of right career counseling, we can make girls to choose any field they want and receive the right qualification, keeping in view the set of skills and qualification that can help them sustain their future and fields that would give them more exposure and make them capable of facing any challenges of the world. Let’s break these stereotype barriers and show the world real empowerment through the light of right education.

Right choice always helps

As in Pakistan the female literacy rate is at pits bottom and the female unemployment rate is reaching the skies and to counter that; suitable career choices should be made with keeping in the market demand strictly in mind.


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