The Sufferings Of Multi Ethnic Women And Things We Can Do To Curb It

 A workplace can be home to individuals from different ethnic minority groups. The definition of  good workplace is where everyone keeping their jealousy and rage aside and living in harmony with their peers irrespective of the race, class and ethnic background that they belong to.However, such an ideal workplace environment is seldom observed. The minorities often,if not always become the target of such atrocities that force them into giving up the job and leaves them with an uncanny fear that affects their mental health in a worst way possible.

Females from different ethnic background often become the prey to such obscenity. They are often looked down up in foreign community and are held back from higher position in the offices. In this articles we will discuss the prevailing issues that these females belonging from ethnic minority face in their workplace environment.

Workplace Harassment

Bully title and harassment

Females from different ethnic background are more susceptible to workplace harassment. Their professional rights are undermined and their voice is suppressed and are threatened to be fired if they register a complain. The females from different ethnicity are considered to be weaker as the clichés concept of majority is the authority still is significant in the minds of many.

What can we do?

As for the solution is concerned there should be strict rules and regulations implemented and if anyone found guilty of committing such an act of dishonor should be straight away fired and rights of minority should be protected and an investigation committee should be formed to address and deal with the issues of workplace harassment.

Gap in wages 

In general view female employees receive less wages as comparison to their men peers but in contrast females from different ethnic background often have to compromise on minimal wages as they have trouble finding jobs.

What can we do ?

For this matter to be addressed strict HR policies should be observed and implemented and a regulation authority from the government should be formed to address and deal these issues

Held back from higher offices



Females in general are not given the opportunity to sit in a higher managing office but the females belonging from different ethnic group are not ever considered suitable for higher positions. Their talent is greatly undermined and are put into neglect. However other peers are usually preferred for promotion and no matter how hard they work.

What can we do?

The mapping of an organization should be clear under which different offices should be given to individuals capable of holding a higher office with relevant experience irrespective of the class, gender and race.

Language and communication

In a culturally diversified office the issue of communication gap always persists , the problem creates difficulties for conveying messages or thought from one to another. Language trainings should be given for the non native speakers.

In general to oust the concept of discrimination and racism there should be awareness sessions and employers need to prevent gender discrimination and maintain equality in terms of hiring salary, opportunities and promotions




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