The World Of Politics And The Role OF Women In It

Women in Politics

The participation of women in politics is seen to be an important factor in influencing the status of a women. Political participation of women has been recognized internationally on many forums. However women remain underrepresented in decision making positions across Pakistan. In this article we will highlight the causes and consequences of the discrimination of women in politics.

There are all sorts of barriers that stop women from actively taking part in politics in Pakistan. Firstly she has to mentally prepare her family ,children and husband and then if she succeeds in receiving a ticket to stand for election, the male aspirants tries to assassinate her character thus forcing her to step down. The party leaders do not often give ticket to female candidate as they fear that the female candidate might lose as many voters would rather prefer a man to be involved in decision making policies not a women.

Women contesting  in elections means that if they win, they will have an equal say in agenda and policy making development, which is not accepted by the conservative side of our politics at all. The women are thought to be incapable of decision making and are expected to be involved in household chores inside the vicinity of four walls

Lack of education is the main reason of underrepresentation of women in politics as women are not aware of their political and their basic right. Education creates opportunities for women in leadership aspects of a country. Illiteracy stops women from achieving political empowerment

Work and family

The pressure of household work and family responsibilities are the hurdles that women face while taking an active part in politics which sometimes forces the female to give up their political career. The uneven sharing of household work between husband and wife also contributes to the pressure due to the household workload that is one of the main hurdle for women in taking part in politics.

Lack of financial support

Women are not given the right and sound finances to be able to contest elections and support themselves at the same time. The amount to sustain the election is minimal in comparison to the amount given to male aspirants by the political parties.

Societal and cultural norms

Women before stepping into the world of politics have to keep certain societal and cultural norms in mind in order to win or be able to contest in elections that directly or indirectly affect their political career.

It is very crucial for a country like Pakistan to make sure that its educated women have equal say in the policy making  of the country. Representation  of women in politics creates a very positive impact internationally. We need to break the stereotype as the role of the women should not be only limited to the household chore, it should be way beyond .

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