Will the society accept me if I don’t have a fair complexion

Biased Society

We are surrounded by a variety of biased preconceptions of our society. We have prioritized the insignificant prejudices to a degree that has given rise to such complexities in our society that devours the harmony. One such being the Skin color, there is a denial to the fact of discriminating against the “substandard” tone of skin color but in practicality, there are many antagonistic cases and thoughts.

A true story

We have interviewed a victim of such discord, she said “Since my childhood I have been a target of mockery due to my dark skin tone. Whether it was class room or a family functions. I was teased and made fun of but it began to affect my life when I realized I was considered inferior in many aspects of life whether it was a marriage proposal or as silly little school fashion show. I was quite certain I could not go any further in life because something was dragging me back. Nevertheless it was my dark skin tone. Why the symbolic beauty of white is considered to be superior to color black? It was a question that always boggled my mind.”

Does Fairness really make you a hard “10”?

Fairness is seen to be the epitome of beauty and is related strongly with sophisticated marriage proposals and a sign of pride. A girl who has a fair skin is often if not always considered to be a jewel of the family. However, we are not conspiring against the fair toned girls; the problem arises when the racism becomes prevalent and fair skin is considered to be a standard of beauty.

It remains a dream for many women in Pakistan to achieve a fair skin tone while the situation around the whole world has changed significantly. People are accepting their skin tones and many fashion industries aboard are unifying against the discrimination of shades of brown. However, the situation in Pakistan says otherwise, a deeply embedded stigma in the culture has its bias against the shades of brown.

The curse of makeup industries

It is a no surprise that the makeup industries have achieved a blooming growth in south Asia. Self grooming is a right that should be enjoyed by everyone regardless of their color tone but it creates a trouble when the perception of beauty products lies within the fact that it is only to be used to achieve a lighter skin tone, which is the case of many young girls of Pakistan.

The reason of depression and psychological disorders among many young women is due to the societal discrimination of the skin color. Social media has its contribution too. The portrayal of the perfect women on the social media platforms has increased the inferiority complex among the young girls. The filters that can make a person look fair in pictures have a negative impact as they have created an imitation of a perfect face which in reality is deceptive.

We have to break the chains of slave mentality by creating awareness among the young women and boosting their self esteem and confidence by breaking the stereotypes together.

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