A friendly Co-worker is a hero that you may not deserve but the one you surely need

Co Workers support improve performance of women at workplace

Taking stress over work is one of the biggest health related problems of 21st century work environment. It comes with a plethora of adverse affect on health of an employee such as cardiovascular diseases, anxiety and depression disorders.  Job stress can cause social and economical loss to an organization as the job turn over may increase.

When taking measures to reduce workload stress, it is crucial to consider the productivity of the organization, For instance reducing workload is not a feasible option for reduction of workplace stress as it may compromise the productivity of an organization.

Most of the female employees are suffering from job stress due to many factors that adversely affect their mental and physical health. In this article we will dig deeper into how support from co workers can have a good impact on a woman’s job performance.

Friendly Co workers

The culture of passive bullying is pretty common in offices. Women mostly are the target of such wicked abuse. When the co workers are bullied other employees are also affected, such experience hurts the confidence and enthusiasm of the employees. Having a healthy and a non abusive environment helps keep the spirit alive. In which the productivity of the employees especially the women employees is bloomed and groomed. A friendly interaction can influence the vibes of the office positively.


Co workers that help to induce productivity in each other are a blessing in disguise. The trait of productivity can be easily influenced by observing other employees, with peer pressure playing an important role in enhancing employees performance as for women are concerned, they are competitive by nature, when surrounded by productive, hard working and creative acquaintances, it builds up a pressure in them to measure up to their co workers because they witness the level of success achieved through effort and hard work.



Co workers can influence and inspire other employees to start their own business or shift to the world of entrepreneurs; it has been discovered in research from Harvard and standard after workers in Denmark who became first time entrepreneurs between 1990 and 1997. The research concluded that the new entrepreneurs before going out to continue this venture were influenced by former entrepreneurs that were their former co workers. The colleagues gave an insight of the new world of business which enticed the newbies.

Bestie in the Office

Studies have shown that an office Bff can not only improve the performance and overall work satisfaction but can also boost productivity. The strong bond helps in overcoming the time of distress in the office, therefore it’s a must to have a colleague that can be trusted and loved to the core. It feels good to have sparking gossips about the office with someone that has a mutual understanding of the scope of the conversation as you would want them to have. For girls its even spicier to have a gossip buddy around to wander and joke about variety of stuff in the office.




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