Challenges faced by the women aspiring for higher education

Problems faced by women in higher education

Women with a higher education plays a very a significant role in the society because  not only she refines the social and economical development of a country but also helps in building of a human capital and makes it sustainable. It creates new opportunities to upcoming generation as a women serves to be more than just being a woman, she is a mother , a daughter , a wife ,a sister and the foundation of a developed nation.

Higher education strengthens the women empowerment. Higher education empowers  the qualified females to have an authoritative  position in the society and it allows them to reach  to an exemplary status of a role model to the younger girls. It influences the policy makers to keep the role of women in mind while making any changes that might affect the role of a woman


Women with higher education have a superior sense of control over their life and have  an ultimate control over their family and resources within the family as compare to the uneducated females. They get recognition from the society and plays a key role to spread awareness regarding women suppression and oppression across the nation.

Gender inequality in higher education of Pakistan persists because of the biasness of the education system from the early age.  Girls are held back in many education prospects and are not given access to the essentials of the education

The Challenges

Sons are preferred due their productive and leading role in the household. More emphasis is placed on the education of male members of the family while female members of family are trained and taught to excel in the domestic life only.

The girls are expected to perform their duties and responsibilities at home and their education is not prioritized due the low household income which accounts for the low participation of females in higher education.

Early marriages also acts as a barrier which has forced many women to give up their higher education.

If the educational institutes are far way, traveling becomes another major obstacle for girls as traveling seen to  be unsafe as it might put personal security of girls in danger . The higher education institutes are likely to be at a considerably larger distance therefore the girls from the remote areas find it difficult to travel or even if the boarding facilities are available , there is a fear of sexual assault in these facilities due to many unpleasant related rumors of the past.

Change has begun

In recent decades in Pakistan, it has been observed that a growing proportion of girls is getting education at higher levels despite cultural barriers. This is essentially an urban phenomenon and a reflection of societal shift. In some cases, girls even outnumber boys at the higher educational level.

This trend seems to be good for development of Pakistani society because a significant proportion of population is coming out and taking part in academic activities.

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