The Crumbling Education System Of KP

The Alarming Illiteracy Ratio Of KP (B/W Males and Females)

The education of a woman holds a great significance in the development of country as it has been said that if you educate a woman you educate the whole nation. This famous saying may have revolved around a lot but the application or I would rather say the realization has been neglected to the core.

Equal Rights; Equal Bread

gender equality

The belief of empowerment of women is not suppressing the rights of men to favor the women but rather to give an equal share of opportunities to the women in the fields that they are left behind or to develop the skills that they lack

The Target of this article is to address the declining literacy rate of female population of the province KP and a detailed overview of some more statistics relating to the enrollment of female students in elementary, secondary and higher secondary institutions of KP as compared to the male students in these institution

The Literacy Gap Between Males and Females Of KP

The potential growth of the literacy rate is an eminent need for a developing country such as Pakistan with a shallow literacy rate of overall 58% with 70% literacy rate of the male population and 36 % of the female population. This Article is localized to KP as the literacy of the province is 53% 2nd lowest of the other four provinces with Baluchistan being the last.

The female literacy rate of KP is 36% as compared to the male literacy rate of KP  which stands tall at 72%, The gap in Percentage  difference between males and females is much more as compared to the other provinces With the female literacy  rate of KP (36%) bring the lowest as compared to Punjab  54% and Sindh 44%. (Pakistan Economic Survey 2016-17, Source: PSLM Section, Pakistan Bureau of Statistics).

Low Enrollment More Illiteracy

The enrollment rate of Females in the institutions of KP has taken a downturn at rate of 39% as compared the males at 61%. Lets further break this down to the number of female and male students at any stage in government schools as around 67% of the total Population of students in KP are enrolled in government institutions.

The statistics below give us a crude idea about the alarming situation of the female population being held back in the education sector.

(Annual Statistical Report of Government Schools 2015-2016).

The female students at any stage are considerably lower than the male students and at each stage the population of females’ students is decreasing at a very significant rate, from 46 % in primary to 36 % in Higher secondary on the contrary to the increasing enrollment of male population at any stage.

The 21st century calls for the need to educate the woman to boost the economic growth of the developing country such as Pakistan, in which the old conventional system of total dependence on the men still continue to exist. It’s about time we realize the empowerment of women is not the job of other women only but men can take an equal part in this process of creating a better future and environment for the upcoming generation.

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