Women empowerment is not what you think it is , there is more to it.

Women empowerment

The Authority and empowerment of females and the betterment of their health, education, social economical, political is matter of utter importance. It is highly essential for the development of sustainability. The Partnership and participation of women in major fields of economy is required to boost productivity and reproductively. In some areas of Pakistan, women are facing difficulties and threat to their lives.

Lack of Influence

It is due to the lack of influence and empowerment of the women and due to the immense workload due to which they are buried underneath a pyramid of burden. In most areas of Pakistan, women receive less formal education than males and at the same time the skills, capabilities, knowledge, ability of women remain unrecognized and as a result generations of girls remain unaware and uneducated about their civil rights. The Programmers aimed at development are most suitable and reliable when they are simultaneously being used to improve the quality of life of women and uplifting their statuses.

Education is our top priority

Education is one of the most essential ways of uplifting the status of women which paves the path for empowerment. The knowledge and skills are crucial for these girls to be able to take part in development process. More than one third of women of Pakistan have no access to printed knowledge, to capacity building, to skill and technical assistance and training. These would improve their quality of life significantly once if they are made accessible and implemented.

The crucial steps

Pakistan should take the steps mentioned below to help eliminate the discrimination between men and women as soon as possible:

To create new opportunities for women to have equal representation and participation in all the political and public offices without facing any social constraints. Recognition of women on public office has a positive impact on the empowerment of their civic and social rights.

 To Enhance women’s potential by developing their skills, education and giving them good employment opportunities, to eliminate the poverty and grant basic human necessities, negate illiteracy and health issues among women.

To eliminate the discrimination against women in workplace. Emphasis should be placed on awareness regarding their reproductive and sexual health.

To take significant and appropriate steps to enhance women’s potential to earn income. Achieve economic independency and to make sure a sound and sophisticated exposure to job market.

Government of Pakistan is working with its all heart and enthusiasm in taking every possible step to remove the gender gap and discrimination or biasness from every matter concerning betterment of women. The law ensuring equal pay for men and women for their equal women. Many intuitions and bodies of government are working to ensure that the sexual abuse and domestic violence must be eliminated by exercising strict laws against such monstrosity.


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