Do you have what it takes to be a leader?

who is a leader?

A leader is the one who looks ahead to bring a change in their own life and the lives of those around them but I like the way John C Maxwell defines leadership, “ A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.”  In this article we will illuminate some of the traits that inborn leaders possess.

Control over Emotions


A good leader is the one who handles all stress and frustration with a positive attitude. They are well adapted to tackle any crises and hurdles in front of them and have the psychological maturity to face every difficulty with optimism.


Leaders have the dominant trait which makes them competitive and decisive. To show case this very trait ,leaders often take risky steps that paves the path to their success venture. They have the assertive attribute in their thinking and style.



Leaders always  own their cause. They are energetic and expressive about their feelings and are more vocal about the things that they want to present or say. The quick and alert nature is an indication of a solid leader.

Social boldness

A leader is always daring and a risk taker as well. They are aggressive socially and have a skin as thick as an elephant’s.  They have the emotional stamina and a built in tendency to cope up with any hurdle or difficulty.


A Good leader believes in being practical and adapt a more logical and to the point solution to problems faced. They are not afraid of criticism and have a strong heart to deal with sentiments of all kind. Their quality of being insensitive to hardships make them an epitome of success.

 High energy


A good leader is well adapted to cope with the daily struggle of long hours of work and travel large distances. As their business sprouts , they tend to give in more and expect the best out of their hard work.


The rapidly changing of the atmosphere of the world demands from a leader to  be decisive and be a bit more clever than the rest of the crowd. The world is running on logical facts and reasoning but there is a another ingredient to outstand among the crowd i.e.  strong intuition and the gut feeling. History has witnessed wonders because the leaders followed their spite while making decisions.


To be a good leader, it is a must to have a sense of maturity about the ongoing and up coming events and circumstances. Social maturity is to empower those around you and to accomplish by helping others in need.

Team orientation

A good leader is the one who puts emphasis on establishing a stronger mutual connection and understanding between the peers.

Overall, leaders are larger than life in many ways. Personal traits play a major role in determining who will and who will not be comfortable leading others. However, it’s important to remember that people are forever learning and changing.



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