The curse of child marriages

Too young to marry

Child, forced and early marriages are practiced across all the regions of Pakistan with highest number of child marriages recorded in province of Sindh ,such marriage practice affect the girl child both mentally and physically and is deprived of freedom. Such marriages are the consequences of deep  rooted gender inequalities influenced by customs and traditional practices.

Girl or an Asset  ?

In unusual situation , It is practiced under the name of dabd or bada in sindh , vani in Punjab and swara in Khyber pakhtunkhwa and the tribal these peculiar situation , A family which is accused of a crime has to give its girl child in marriage to a family which is resentful at an event or a cause to settle a blood feud between the two families.These girls are settled in the house of the enemy where they are treated as daughters or married in the aggrieved family. The environment is hostile in many cases where the girl has to persevere the atrocities of the host family.



In addition to being covered by the Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929, such marriages are also covered by section 310-A of the PPC (Pakistan Penal Code 1860), and are liable to be imprisoned up to a term of seven years but not less than three years and liable to a fine of Rs 500,000.

Early marriages a plaque of illiteracy

Several Surveys are conducted that shows that over the course of time more number of females are the victims of early marriages. This practice is  most common among remote and backward areas where there is less awareness and the cultural practices are often given importance, in poor families and in household where there are no literate members especially the females ,a large number of cases of early marriages are reported in the household where the head of the family is illiterate.

How Much is this unethical practice common

Relevant and authentic statistics on the matter are not available in Pakistan. The existing data available on child marriages in Pakistan gives us a desolate image of the phenomenon. Around twenty four percent of females in the country were married before the age of 18 years in the country between 2000 an 2010 consisting of 8 percent marred before the age of 15.Other analysis of the early marriage phenomena says that about 30 % of the marriages in Pakistan falls under the category of child marriage with the highest occurrence in the province of Sindh.

Early marriage damages a Girl

The practice of early marriage is the major cause of illiteracy or lower level of education of a  girl. It affects a girl both mentally and physically leading to severe health problems in the future. Prenatal, neonatal, and maternal health problems are also tied to women married before the age of 18.



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