Are you satisfied with the current education system? As many are not.

Bringing Education Revolution Wave In Pakistan

Pakistan as a developing nation has to confront the truth about its deteriorating education sector with hundreds of thousands of students flocking like sheep with above thousand scores in their SSC and HSSC but with no clear concept of the subjects that they had studied or are taking exams of. Education reforms are taken only to extend the curriculum not to diversify it with the practicality it needs.  The rote memorization mechanism is so deeply embedded in the education system, that most students cram the equations, expressions and or the questions step by step because the questions in the course book can also be a part of the paper. The latter sentence may seem satirical to the ones who are the part of the “cram to death” examination system but the truth is that the system is old and rusty.

What if I tell there is an abandoned mountain, that is filled with only diamonds, would you believe and even if you did believe me, you would rather think that the diamonds must have been scooped out long ago but they are not. However by taking the same analogy that the abandoned mountain is our education sector and the diamonds are the youth of Pakistan. They deserve to be recognized not by their scores in rote dependent education sector but the talents they rather possess. The literacy rate of Pakistan is at the pits bottom. The last few buckets of fresh water in the well are contaminated by the malignant hands of the educations system.


However the rant goes on with no clear understanding of the problem. What if I tell you that you just need three basic reforms!

1) The same course book with specialized courses for the teachers to not to emphasize cramming, rather explain the root concept of a subject.

2) The change in paper pattern, with questions actually dealing with practical analyses of a concept.

3) The most important one “the relative marking” in simple words marking the paper by a series of standardized rules and grade threshold for every student.


The century old system should be changed


It is not what we desire. It is what we need and deserve. Education is the basic necessity and need for the prosperity and secure future of the nation but education with right skills is a weapon far more superior than any nuclear or mass destructive weaponry  a country can possess . The right skills can be beneficial in a way that a country doesn’t need to hire professionals from abroad that costs ten times more than hiring a person with same skills set in their own country. The cost of hiring can put strain on the economy. Nevertheless for the right skills, the right concept is needed and the right concept is conceived from the right education system.


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