There Is Not Only One Type OF Honor Killing

Honor killing causes and consequences

Women in Pakistan face all types of persecution in form of domestic abuse and violence by the male members of the society. In this age and era women are beaten mercilessly and murdered in the name of honor. Research suggests that around one fifth of honor killing occurs in Pakistan with almost 1000 women are murdered in the name of honor every year (crime reports 2017).

Women in Pakistan are forced by the circumstances to compromise and submit to the insane cultural and traditional norms. Thousands of women in Pakistan are oppressed in the name of honor. The conventional believe system  of the community is that if  the chastity of women is compromised ,it shall bring disgrace and shame to the name of the family.

Protection of Male honor only?

The concept of honor is extended and tied to the honor  of male as well. If the male member feels that he has lost control over the female member ,the female member is persecuted to extent  that pose a threat to her life.  Women are not allowed to marry or choose a life partner of their own choice and if they commit such “heinous” act , they are perished or murdered to restore the pride and respect of the family. The traditional norms are worshiped to such a degree that many elderly women are also involved in the violence against other women.

The marital problems faced by women are considered to be the burden of females only while the channel should go both ways. In the case of separation or divorce , the upper hand of men come down on women as the sole justice. This biasness has knocked down the career of many women.

Honor killing after rape

depressed women

This is a very sensitive matter concerning the lives of the young girls that are at  major threat. Firstly a girl is raped and scarred for her life and secondly a family considers it to be an utter disgrace to the family that should be restored by killing of the victim. The killing often takes place in front of the whole community as to show the community that their pride has been secured and restored.

Domestic disobedience

Disobedience is one the cause of killing in the name of honor in Pakistan . A woman standing for her domestic rights is seen to be too “liberal” or “westernized” .

What should be done?

The fundamental human right is the freedom to express thoughts and feelings which should be granted to anyone regardless of  their race, ethnic background or gender. The government of Pakistan should take strict actions against such barbaric crimes on basis of pre existing laws that safeguards the right of women despite of the fact that it may hurt the traditional sentiments of the community.

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