The cat and mouse story of every woman with their In-Laws

The Sour Love Of Mother In Law and the Family


The love of Mother is immense but it turns really very sour when you add “in law” to her last name. However the prevalent issue relating to the domestic abuse coming from husband has been a bit gone down the temperament curve but on the other hand the cat and mouse relationship of mother in laws with their daughter in laws are on the rise all over Pakistan. The daughter in law is often humiliated and in worst case scenario tortured by the in law family for not being an obedient women in the house hold.

My poor Family


Some families are really poor, when they cannot afford something of their own , they steal it from their daughter in law’s family. In some cases it has been reported that the bad behavior is observed in the cases where the bride brings a lesser amount of dowry than expected. The husband often if not always takes the side of his mother and carries out the worst atrocity possible on the wife. The causes of violence by the in laws can be many but the primary being the element of jealousy and enviousness of the mother in law from their daughter in laws. For the love of God its 2019 already stop the custom of dowry and if it is not marginally possible then stop taunting each other in the family.

My Loving and affectionate Family (Satire)


Many of the suicide cases reported as reason of domestic violence are found to be the victim of the enormity of mother in law. We have interviewed a women who herself was a victim of domestic abuse by the hands of her mother in law and the whole family.

She said “the first few weeks of my married life were in complete harmony but at the start of the third month everything suddenly changed as if someone had switched on a sort of mood button in every member of my in laws, especially of my mother in law. I began to receive taunts and I was scolded without any appropriate reason by mother in law, all the love and affection turned to hate, that i once dreamed of to be given by this wretched family”.


“In the beginning I did not pay much attention but when it became more and more apparent and offensive I began to realize that they hid their evil faces for the first few weeks and now they have reveled their true intentions” she further added that her mother in law always compared her with my sister in law and would be enraged and her blood would seem to boil if I had put a makeup on and groomed myself. You know better what went around in her head. and i could sense their love and care fading away”

A woman is not a material



THE CASE described above is not the sole story of just one woman but many women are facing even worst kind of domestic abuse. A woman is neither a property nor a liability that can be objectified and used as a toy. The rights of women should be protected as it is safeguarded and respected by the law of the nation and the law of religion and without any doubt the law of religion is to be held in a very high regard. Spread Love in family, not hate.

Hey!! Khawateen of the nation, do tell us in the comments below how do you view your relationship with your Family in law.

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