She is lost: A true story

Pinky is a fictional character of this blog which describes and narrates a true story of workplace bullying. In order to keep transparency of the victim. The name pinky is used.

She clenched her fists and smacked the vase off of the table in the fury which she never wanted to unleash but she was so fed up and infuriated by the  discriminating and wicked behavior of her boss that made her suffer even after she resigned from that sinister office.  Six month of painful voyage with each day of agonizing wait for the clock to hit the Five.

Nevertheless it was bullying at the office level. The suited man with a charming smile on their face but the dark intent of his ruthless soul was always hidden to the world but not to those who worked for him. He had a respectful reputation that he built on the foundation of fear to those who worked  under him and the sleigh of his hand in playing the cards of cunningness for those that he required favor of.

The harmony of the office was in the broken smile of the employees and the little happiness with that they rejoiced was always short lived as the anxious boss always had the suspicion  that the employees were conspiring against him. However he had appointed a few bugs that reported to him  about each and every instant in the office. Although  even if there was not anything to report, they had to present a bogus and twisted  reality in front of him to satisfy his hunger. It was out of the fear that they don’t become the prey to his suspicion  and the target to his intimidating behavior.

Bully title and harassment

She could not bear anymore  but still had the courage to withstand the  daily menace of  peril situations in the office.  She told us with a stuttering voice when we interviewed her that “ It was not like I could not withstand the work load but the daunting behavior of supervisor made my head explode and were tormented with his taunts and his sarcastic remarks that made his appalling  judgments about us apparent. The sole target of his unjust measures were mostly women in the office”.

She also added “ The former female employees also resigned because of his intimidating behavior and there were also complains regarding him about  raising his voice and that he hurled insults at women employees. Even after I resigned , the shadow of his monstrosity followed me as I had go through a lot of pain even in the end to gain my experience certificate and my final salary that he was not willing to give me .”

This is not the story of just one woman. Everyday  thousands of women are going though such hardships and are too scared come up front. The harassment is not only physical but nowadays it is more of psychological and emotional. The gruesome and hideous scars that are left by bullying on a person has a defective affect on mental health.


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