She could not bear anymore

Pinky is a fictional character of this blog which describes and narrates a true story of workplace bullying. In order to keep transparency of the victim. The name pinky is used.

As her footsteps approached the hallway everyone began to tremble with fright. The alarming click clack of her heels that rattled in the whole office was an indication that the wretched woman has stepped its foot on board. The lady was the supervisor of the office and was a true example of how one can manipulate their authoritative position to carry out their outrage on employees. The fresh employees found her quite appealing especially the female  employees because the lady portrayed herself to be quite charming to the new employees during the period of recruitment.


However the newcomers were  quite uncertain about their fate as the lady would bring down hell on them. Once they are assigned to their tasks and begin to blend in the new environment, they would become the prey to her dreadful attitude.

Pinky was the new recruit that was selected amongst the hundreds of applicants all due to her remarkable personality and her astonishing confidence that she exhibited in the initial interview that raised some eyebrows of the employers . However she was unaware of the befalling abuse she had to bear for the next three months .

The  Employees were instructed to register their arrival at 8 am everyday but the supervisor herself stepped her foot no earlier than noon. She had her contact with the big guns of the corporation that’s why no one could  have mere idea of registering a complaint against her.

The abusive and unprofessional nature of her was narrated by pinky in these words “ she was unlike any women that I had seen although I admired her courage and her wits but it was short lived as once I heard her swearing and cussing a male employee. The choice of her words were horrible, regardless of how much she portrayed herself to be sophisticated and nice deep down she was a savage and just wore a fake mask to hid her barbaric and ruthless attitude”

Although the official 9 to 5 timings of the office were never observed. She always forced the employees to stay after the official timings by overburdening with them tasks. Pinky was also one of the prey. Pinky was scolded and shown a very unprofessional attitude in the office. Pinky was humiliated as the women although was very cunning but she felt the charisma of pinky as a threat to her position in the future. It can be said that to counter this threat she had her ways with pinky to make her resign which pinky did eventually.

The Above story tells us that the harassment can come from other females as well. The Atrocity can be carried out by some dominant females .




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