Prophet (PBUH) has said “The best of you are those who are best to the women”

You could be suffering from Domestic violence and not even know about it?

It’s about time that we address the elephant in the room. Out of all the atrocities that can befall on a woman, the violence in the household affects a woman most. The violence does not come in the form of physical torture but psychological as well, not necessarily coming from the husband but in the joint family system the tormentor can be other males and women too. It severely disrupts the whole system of mutual understanding in the whole family and gives rise to many psychological disorders among the ones who observe this violence, especially the children.

The above paragraph may be too easy to comprehend but still the matter is barely discussed and given a thought upon mainly because the details can hurt the social sentiments of many communities. The person giving it a definite thought and bringing the topic to light is not given any serious attention. If you have to bring a change in a society, the realization of the root cause is mandatory and the root cause of domestic violence can be many but mainly it’s the lack of awareness and education.

Well as twisted as it can get, a household can be educated but the women in it can still suffer from the violence


Well a household may be academically educated but not necessarily socially and religiously. The religion Islam has put a greater emphasis on the fulfilling and maintaining the rights of women as our Prophet (PBUH) has said “The best of you are those who are best to the women” These words came from the mouth of the greatest personality that has ever lived on the surface of this world, and in religion Islam more emphasis is given to exercising the words and action of Prophet (PBUH) than just listening to the words.

A Psychological issue



A Research study was conducted in 2009 by the human rights watch according to which the violence in household is a public health and social problem in Pakistan. It has been reported and estimated that about 20 to 30 percent of women in Pakistan have suffering from different types of domestic abuse. About 6000 women are killed every year from domestic violence and with plethora of other women handicapped physically and psychologically. The reports suggest that attacks ranging from physical to psychological and sexual abuse come from closely acquainted  partners and while majority are murdered by the family on the basis of honor killing.


Majority of the victims have no legal source of help. Domestic violence is not viewed by the legal law enforcement to be a crime and mostly such cases are blindly refused to be even registered when it is brought to them. There are very few shelters for the protection of women. Victims find themselves to be helpless and their ability to escape the violence inflicted upon them is limited

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