We Are Losing Skilled Women Of The Generation

Demand of the skilled labors

Pakistan as developing nation, the demand of skilled labor is much higher and the gaps in the market of skilled labor needs to be filled as in the era of advanced machinery every process is automated to the core, from craftsmanship to irrigation. There is an extensive use of machinery, to develop the right skills needed to operate and to maneuver the advanced machinery and to build more training and development schools and colleges is a crucial need of the time. The article is dedicated to women only so we will take their market gaps into account and in the end we will try to derive a solution to fill these gaps.


Unemployment rates of the labor force

If we take all the institutions that are solely dedicated to training  and development of skills of females into consideration, the number falls short in front of the need to develop the skills that are needed to perform on the field. Around 9% of the female labor force is unemployed in comparison to the 5.4% percent of the male labor force. If we further break this number down   about 6.9 percent of rural female labor force in comparison to 4.4 percent of male rural labor force and 19.2% of female urban labor force in comparison to 7.3 urban male labor forces is experiencing the plaque of unemployment. This survey was conducted in year 2012-2013 but the number has not changed significantly , the relevancy of the survey  still persists today.

Establishing Training and development institutes for females

The number of female skilled labor is lesser than male skilled labor. It’s primarily because of the fact that there are less institutes that are established for women only and cultural and social barriers for females to continue their education , early marriages , restrictions from families all of these reason contribute to a low number of female skilled labors. The government of Pakistan should establish a significant number of such training and development institutions in every province of Pakistan and facilitate them with modern technologies and highly qualified mentors and instructors to instill a sophisticated and adequate amount of development and skill.

Why do we need more female skilled labors?

As the pre existing economic crises prevail in Pakistan , the skilled labor force can contribute a sufficiently great percentage to the GDP.  We can utilize the existing unemployed labor force and train them to gain the skills and capabilities.

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