What does mother love mean to you?

Your first true love

A mother’s love is infinite, the type of affection that encompasses beyond the affection of every relationship a human can behold, whether it is yours sister, wife, friend , relatives  or any namely relationship, a match is incomparable. The troubles and pain she bears to take care of her children remains unparalleled. However, let’s shed some light on the struggles of mothers and appreciate the significance of their existence in our lives.

The struggles

She holds you inside her body for nine months, bears the immense pain while giving birth and then the struggles doesn’t even end here, she stays long nights to look after the infant, doesn’t sleep well ,doesn’t eat well, so that her baby can eat and sleep well, along with that also takes care of the house hold works and if she is a working woman, she has to take care of the office work which adds a surplus to her burden, then bears the taunts and atrocities of the cruel world.

The sacrifices

A mother is never a bad mother, all her actions are only and only for the betterment of her children. So beware of calling your mom a bad mother for you have not the slightest idea of what she has gone through to raise you. All the nights and days that she struggled and sacrificed her sleep, social life, her hobbies, her friends and all this was for her children. However so that her child does not suffer the minimal amount of pain and pressure.

The best of Caretaker

A human baby’s amongst all the mammals alive takes the longest period of time to reach the age at which it can take of itself , eats by itself , walks by itself , but unlike any mammal, even after the child has grown up to adult and has a family of its own, even until that, a mother is always concerned about their child.

Jannah under her feet

She cut her belly to give you birth  and fought against the world for the sake of your well being. You owe your mother the world, you owe her the love you may never deserved but she gave it to you and here we are living in the generation that find it cool to disrespect their mother, never listens to her, could talk thousand miles away with a friend but barely asks about their mother who is sitting next door. A mother’s prayer starts and ends with the name of her children.



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