Her Inside Story

Once again..

A veil of horrifying nights covers her deepest fears. Sitting on the floor with her hair tangled, her arms wrapped around her knees and feet intertwined.
She cleanses her shiny wet forehead with sleeves of her shirt and buries her head between the crossed arms. Her eyes flooded with crystals; cold and dead. She feels her shirt wet and soon finds herself in a pool of water.
Maybe the pierced ceiling was leaking or was it a pool of her own misery.
Yet gathers up some courage and straightens up herself. Her bones and frame that is left of her can carry and shuts off the world one more night. She slips into the satin sheets, it’s silky touch, more human than most humans.

One more night of atonement of the sins she thought she had made comes and goes by, amending nothing, alienating everything…

Written by: Haseena Alam (Guest Blogger)

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