To feel empowered, to be empowered: one must aim to take charge of her own life. To feel content and satisfied with your life, the most fulfilling decision one can make is to make her own career choice.accomplishment

In countries like Pakistan, career is a word that is confined to a man’s world mostly. A career oriented man is appreciated and is considered hard working. However a career oriented women is looked down upon and has to face societal pressure to be more domestic. Moreover the young girls and women are not given the liberty to choose their own careers. They are not given the opportunity to live their life to fullest and equal chance to explore and experiment with their lives and build a career and life. The time is now changing and due to shift in socio-economic practices, more and more girls are getting education and are studying courses other than medical such as computer sciences, marketing, business management etc. But sadly when it comes to take them as a profession, they encounter many barriers.

Moreover we can see around ourselves how qualified and highly educated women are but their parents only let them pursue higher education so that they can get better marriage proposals. Until and unless this mentality prevails in the society, women will never be able to come forward. Once they are married, their professional life is let at the mercy of her husband or in laws. This very concept of ‘permission’ is toxic and it needs to change.

Our society needs to come to terms with women’s right to career as this is their basic God given right. A career oriented, independent women should be encouraged and idealize rather than called as selfish. A women’s worth is not related to how many children she has or if she is married or if her house is clean enough etc. Most importantly a woman is more than a painted doll and takin caring of other’s needs. She has her own dreams, her own passion, her own talent, her own aim which she wishes to pursue.

In these circumstances one should not wait for opportunities to show up or the paths to get cleared but have to take a leap of faith and make way for their own paths. Further the society will have to adjust to the changing circumstances and develop acceptance for letting women live their own life and stop dedicating every step. The courage to take charge of your own life comes from within. Instead of suppressing your sixth sense, embrace it and let it flow through your veins and guide you towards your destiny.

Hence if one decides to choose a career for themselves, then they have to fight for it at every level, it does seem exhausting but it’s worth the fight. Women are equal human being with needs and identity and it’s about time they let themselves fly.

Written By – Ashna Mehmood

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