A Women in Supreme Rank Army Uniform

“Major General Nigar Johar khan”

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Major general Nigar Johar was born in Pashtun family Panjpir, Swabi. Her father was col Qadir who Served in Pakistan intelligence agency (ISI). In 2015, she served as deputy commandant at CMH Rawalpindi (Source: Wikipedia). Initially, she was a two-star general. She tends to be pretty sharp shooter.  

It’s very rare to find such faces in Pashtuns Patriarchal society. However, Swabi has produced some noticeable female generals in history, in spite, this is rare sensation in male dominant society where finding a woman on such high army rank is not very common.

As published:

“General Nigar Johar has become the third woman officer in the history of Pakistan Army to reach the rank of major general” (DAWN, FEB 14). Likewise, Federal Human right Minister Shireen Mazari also confirmed her achievement in her tweet “Major General Nigar Johar Khan – 3rd woman to get rank of Major General in Pak army – Respect” (Twitter, June 2019).

Author Remarks

In general, Pakistan has many issues regarding female participation in Socio-economic domains. However, this achievement has zipped all the criticisms on Pashtuns Patriarchal mindset. Pakistan is taking effective measures to increase female participation in every profession. Her emergence is huge symbol of success to those women who believe in achieving something big in their life. The Pak-Army has very disciplined administrative system with equal gender opportunities based on every individual personal capabilities and achievements. She earned her position based on her commitment and competencies.

Written by: Shah Fahad

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