Successful Females in Pakistan

Success by itself has no specific definition. There are no such criteria by which we can measure how successful a person is. Success is generally accepted as the beautiful amalgamation of talent, hard work, determination, and perseverance.

Pakistan is enriched with such people having the aforementioned qualities but the dilemma of fewer opportunities is looming around in our country since very long. The situation gets even worse when we talk about females.

Females play a very important role in the wellbeing of the country. Despite having so many hardships, Pakistan is blessed with so many prominent names who have raised the name of flag both nationally and internationally.

When it comes to Microsoft and IT, there is only one name that comes to our mind Arfa Karim Randhawa. This youngest Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) has shocked the world with her huge talent at a very young age.

Malala Yousafzai by raising her voice for the educational rights of females has won the hearts of people and the highest awards of all times The Noble Peace Prize for our country.

We have countless names in our country who have done commendable jobs in Political and Social arena. Needless to mention the efforts and works of the only female prime minister and the daughter of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto. She has sacrificed her whole life for uplifting country’s name. Such dauntless women are the precious treasure of this motherland.

Maleeha Lodhi, Pakistan’s Ambassador to the UN, has raised her voice at so many forums. She has put forward ideas and has shown the world the brighter and positive image of Pakistan.

The list of successful females in Pakistan goes on and on. We have successful female mothers who work day and night in raising their kids but they don’t get any recognition and appreciation. We as a nation should acknowledge all the females whether they work at the forefront or behind the curtain and give them due respect.

Written by: Samila Syed

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