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Can women be equal to men in Pakistan?

From the inception of Pakistan, women had been a subject of violence, even in contemporary circumstances the conditions are far from better. This unequal fact points out the unfortunate reality. There are a number of factors that contribute to this picture of Pakistani society.

Firstly, it is the patriarchal society, a mindset of country and its dominance over women. This dominance let women on suppression of her mobility, mistreatment at work place and public injustice and domestic violence.

Secondly, in social sphere a story that keeps on repeating since years is health conditions which are worst as compared to men, lack of female doctors and basic facilitators. Even in education they are far behind from men less female public schools and low ratio of graduates. Women contribution in economic sector and traditional norms also create hurdles for them. Lastly, on the political front, women are still working to acquire adequate representation and legal measures to eradicate cultural and political restraints.

In any country, its characteristics reflects the structure of society and its cultural system. Just as French culture is liberal so outlook of its government is also liberal. This system defines the status of men and women in society. In case of Pakistan, its setup is largely based on patriarchal culture.  Unfortunately, the dominance of patriarchal culture refused to recognize the rights of women but instead is a cause of suppression for them. There are many other things too that made their lives confined.

For any women to be acceptable in society she has to accept the customs and norms of her family no matter lenient or cruel. Regardless of this Jirga system and its injustices are famous in this regard. Almost all family issues are solved by this system if that doesn’t work they gave importance to Swara. If still that is not enough then honor killings takes place to settle disputes. This practice became common in our society from Human Right Commission of Pakistan report 2018 by documenting 737 honor crimes between June 2017 and August 2018. In fact this figure does not show the clear picture as most of the cases are left unregistered and unrevealed.

Even outside their homes, women are being a subject of mistreatment in public and work places with more and more cases of sexual harassment. On the other hand Pakistan is no stranger to domestic violence by women by their husband or in-laws. This violence can be verbal, or physical which leads to psychological disorders .Apart from cultural aspect state also failed to provide social domain, starting with health sector by negligence of which females faces many diseases and problems because of the unavailability of lady health workers many ladies are left unaware of even common diseases. Similarly, marriages at early age of girls due to lack of knowledge of their parents give harmful results faced by women and her child.

 According to Human Rights report 2018, vast number of out of school children is girls, reasons are clear i.e. lack of infrastructure and restricted mobility of girls. Beside social aspect women are at disadvantage on political front. That can be seen by their rights to vote for which they are not allowed because of patriarchal system.

Pakistan was founded on the basis of Islam advocate equal rights and space for women in our society, our constitution reflects on the subject with no discrimination. Social mind set need to be enlightened and be given timely education the subject as how women is the core pillar of every institution of any society.  

Written by: Syeda Sidra

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