Why “Khawateen Rozgar Services” is a better option than ROZEE.PK?

The Comparison between these two-business initiatives is a brainstorming errand. ROZEE.PK is Pakistan first employment facilitator website. It was established in 2007. The purpose of this website is to provide careers prospects to middle- and lower-class people across the country. This can be contemplated as commendable ingenuity for people of Pakistan. Correspondingly, there is an alternative entrepreneur success story by the name of “Khawateen Rozgar Services”. It postulates a platform for women to rummage for the relevant job. This podium is complimentary because of its inimitable women empowering conception. I personally, adore this initiative because it is the distinctive way of plunging the gender gap in society.

The 2S “Safety & Security”

Subsequently, the world is changing, most people are so inquisitive about their safety and security. Likewise, when it comes to the protection of women, people customarily are superfluously cautious. Every society finds the women associated issues very perilous mainly when she wanders outside in a job. is a larger and more general platform that does not safeguard any precise safety and security structure for women.  Additionally, its paradigm is vaster which makes it categorically hard for women to ensure her welfare. Its website requires a registered profile with comprehensive academic and personal information.  Now, for a woman, it is very hard to apprise her information without any indemnity of her record. For instance, her contact information etc. Conversely, “Khawateen Rozgar Services” Principal objective is the safety and security of women. They assert the responsibility with a paramount determination. They publicly claim the security of women records. Simultaneously, this website also helps a woman to have an innocuous environment and appropriate occupation based on their capabilities. Now, this compulsion can certainly curtail this “Harassment at workplace” element, because women generally hesitate to work in an insecure environment. Whenever any organization proclaim something in their mission statement, this means that their entire focus is on reliability and sustainability of the claim. Conversely, this major gender-based obligation is not conspicuous on website.

Women Empowering Podium

We all know that women empowerment is one of a social issue in Pakistan. The woman is the marginalized group in perspective of economic participation. In Pakistan, the gender gap in the workplace is precisely high. Very few women are in the job due to cultural and other constraints. What I found in contrast, is that is male dominant website. The traffic on this website is more of male than female. There can be several adjudications, may be due to the absence of gender-based security. Therefore, consequentially it is male dominant. On the other hand, “Khawateen Rozgar Service” as the appellation indicates it is virtuously women-based platform. The mission statement evidently maintains the empowerment of women in every discipline, every scale, and in every division across Pakistan, the splendour of this organization is that it has mutual societal and economic benefits. Means that on one side it is empowering women to showcase and demonstrate their existence in society, on the other side it justifies the needs of existing for a woman to sustain her family. It endows women with an inimitable organizational environment and organizational standards. All the decisions are to ensure the empowerment of women in a benign way.

Comparison analysis

My assertion about the above assessment does not mark to mortify the proficiencies of Likewise, it does not mean to qualm the integrity and aptitude of has contributed enormously well. But Comparatively, I found KRS more women empowering platform than due to vibrant obligations considering women safety and security. Earlier, for a woman finding a job in a professional organization was a mammoth trial. Furthermore, for female, it was relatively apprehensive to provide information to the unknown in both formal and informal way. But KRS has fashioned a foundation to have a conviction in them. The organization is demonstrating its privilege with some success stories in different organizations. People can witness these accomplishments on their website. This organization stipulates training and development to women and also offers a special section to report any form of fierceness against women. Hence, for women comparatively, it is very effortless to decide the platform before applying to any job. 

Written by: Shah Fahad

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